About iBarry

Barry is probably the most famous Swiss Saint Bernard. As an avalanche dog, he saved more than 40 lives at the beginning of the 19th century. Today, iBarry offers protection against the dangers of the internet. It provides information and raises awareness about current digital threats, protecting the public from major non-material, technical, and financial damages.

Current campaigns

Deepfakes – Wenn Videobeweise lügen

How does the new Data Protection Act affect me?

Switzerland’s new Federal Act on Data Protection (Data Protection Act, FADP) entered into force on 1 September 2023. The new FADP now also covers social media. The definition of sensitive data has been expanded, and projects must now take account of data protection already from the outset.

Deepfakes – Wenn Videobeweise lügen

Securing your webseite

Having your own website comes with responsibilities. As the website owner, you should be aware of the risks. Find out what measures keep your website secure and your visitors safe – and how best to proceed in the event of an incident.


Ransomware – when your computer is encrypted

The digital extortion business is booming. Ransomware – a combination of “ransom” and “malware” (malicious software) – is flourishing. Hardly a day goes by without a ransomware incident reported in the news. These reports mention companies, hospitals, organisations – but what about the private sphere? Are private individuals affected by ransomware too?


Smishing – phishing via text message on your smartphone

More and more frequently, users are being sent messages via SMS, WhatsApp or other text message services prompting them to click on a link. This is what we call “smishing” – a term coined from the words SMS (short messages) and phishing (theft of access details via fake messages). While most people are familiar with phishing attacks via email, they are unaware that the same danger is lurking on their smartphone.

Advisory Board

The iBarry Advisory Board is composed of experts in the fields of awareness and communication. Their task is to address current topics relating to internet security, preparing them in digestible morsels, and making them accessible to the general public on ibarry.ch.

Members of the iBarry Advisory Board

Marcus Beyer
Security Awareness and Communication Officer, Swisscom

Katja Dörlemann
Awareness Specialist, Switch

Oliver Hirschi
Lecturer, Head of “eBanking – but secure!”, Lucerne School of Computer Science and Information Technology

Dominique Trachsel
Head of Awareness-Raising and Prevention, National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC)

Fabio Di Giovanna
Teamleader Product Management, Touring Club Schweiz (TCS)

Felipe Garcia
Informations- und ICT-Sicherheitsbeauftragter, Stadt Bern

Coen Kaat
Stellvertretender Chefredaktor IT-Markt & SwissCybersecurity.net, Netzmedien AG

Rita Frei
Security Operations Analyst, Sunrise GmbH

Beatrice Kübli
Projektleiterin, Schweizerische Kriminalprävention (SKP)