About us

Platform for internet security

Welcome to the Swiss Internet Security Alliance! The purpose of our association is to preventively raise public awareness about risks and solutions pertaining to vulnerabilities of internet-connected devices and internet use.

SISA enables company specialists in the field of cybersecurity to exchange and network with each other in order to promote the development and knowledge of best practices in the fields of web security, abuse, and awareness.

Our main focus is on:

  • Awareness-raising and information
  • Solutions for malware problems
  • Sustainable protection of systems
  • Reporting of security problems
  • Comprehensive help for users
  • Online security checks
  • Tips for the secure use of devices

The SISA Board

Katja Dörlemann (President)


Only together can we ensure more security on the internet. As a neutral association, SISA facilitates the cooperation of important stakeholders in the business and research communities and the public sector. Through iBarry, SISA offers trustworthy and competent support to the Swiss public.

Marcus Beyer


In addition to raising public awareness in Switzerland, topics such as phishing, SMiShing, and web security are also on our agenda and are discussed at a professional level. This helps the professional community to jointly develop and implement solutions that make Switzerland more secure.

Rita Frei


The goal is to strengthen cybersecurity in Switzerland together. With the establishment of SISA, it is now much easier for representatives of the business community to share ideas, experiences, and risks.

Fabian Ilg

Swiss Crime Prevention

As the Managing Director of Swiss Crime Prevention, I am convinced that a public-private partnership like SISA is the right way to strengthen cybersecurity in Switzerland and to empower the public, the business community, and public authorities to better protect themselves against cyberattacks.

Simon Seebeck

La Mobilière

As an insurer, we understand that the cyber losses of today are not the same as the cyber losses of tomorrow, and we don’t know what the day after tomorrow will bring. In this dynamic environment, we need a new awareness of digital risks.

SISA Secretariat including Communication

is managed by Brisk Match through Patricia Ehrbar